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 MBI AUTO offers top of the line insurance quality automotive parts.  We offer a free lifetime warranty, (please read the warranty page for more information).  We also offer the option to have the part painted to match the color of your vehicle.  This is a good solution over the steeply priced local body shops.  

When you buy a tailgate from you get just that, a painted tailgate...we have been doing it for 8 years and have sold over 20,000 tailgates.

   -when you buy a "SHELL" tailgate, you get only the tailgate itself, these are for guys that have a dented, scratched or rusty tailgate that still does not come with any latches, or handles or get exactly what you see in the picture, but painted to whatever paint code you provide most cases it takes about 30 mins. to swap all the parts from your old dented or rusty tailgate over to the new shell.

   -when you buy a "COMPLETE" tailgate, you get a tailgate that is ready to go on your truck, these are for the guys that are missing a tailgate, or have a tailgate that is too damaged to get the internal parts out of, these tailgates come with all new parts, you get new straps, new handle, new latchs, in most cases you get a new tailgate top protector, painted to whatever paint code you provide us and fully assmebled ready to go right on your truck.  We do not ship them with emblems or stickers, due to copy right issues we can not sell those at this time.